Having a team of experienced professionals, ADMC AUDIT CONSULTING SRL is a company authorized and specialized in accounting and financial auditing and offers you a full range of services for:

Elaboration and checking of primary supporting documentation specific activity of the company in accordance with current regulations (Order M.F.P. nr. 3512/2008, no.82/1991 Accounting Law and Law 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code in conjunction with HG 44/2004 on implementing rules of the Tax Code).

Prepare and / or check complete accounting work for economic operators (businesses, PFA s, law firms, MIC s, NGOs, etc.) Of all fields for all accounting operations prepared in accordance with Order 3055 / 2009 and Law 82/1991: cash, fixed-amortization loans, income, expenses, monthly closing, the outcome, preparing monthly financial indicators and reporting them to the company managers.

Elaboration and checking of tax returns, providing expert advice financial accounting and fiscal impact analysis of legislative changes on the activity of insurance proposals and solutions to optimize the effects of these changes in order to increase business profitability, according to the Tax Code updated and all other specific regulations in force.

Archiving documents in accordance with the Accounting Act, the Fiscal Code and Fiscal Procedure Code.

Training commissions inventory on the conduct of property inventory and keeping records of inventory, in order to reflect the correct accounting records of assets, in accordance with the regulations in force (Law Accounting, Tax Code, Order MFP 2861/2009 and other specific regulations in force).

Analyzes and reports for managers: cash-flows, budgets and forecasts revenues and expenditures in society and profit centers.

Reports of extrajudicial auditing in accordance with approved methodology and specific rules CECCAR.

Financial audit reporting to financial statements (balance sheet according to domestic and European authorized by Chamber of Auditors).

Auditing of projects financed from European funds grants, achieving specific work stations "financially responsible", "chartered accountant" and "auditor" necessary for project implementation funding grants.

Making feasibility studies, business plans, financial analysis and preparing files for bank loans or other financing repayable funds or grants.

Making off the works authorized by "human resources": making specific documentation (employment contracts, addenda, personal decisions, payroll, statement of fees, taxes and contributions to earnings from wages or another similar income / copyright / civil contracts etc.), completion and submission of data in the "REVISAL in accordance with current regulations".

Preparation and filing documents and statements of taxes for SEP (Self-Employed Person): registry of receipts and payments, inventory register, estimated and realized income statements etc.
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