Why us
After our most recent studies made among our customers, our team remarks itself within the other competitors market for the professionalism and the responsibility proved in the collaboration’s relations with its clients, but most of all for the great efforts made in order to satisfy the necessities of our clients.
We pay attention to the newest economic trends of our customers’ activity fields.
We are periodically updated with the newest fiscal and economic regulations in our specialty trainings.
ADMC AUDIT CONSULTING is authorized by the Expert and Authorized Accountants Body of Romania, authorization number 4476 and it is an active member in the Financial Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania, authorization number 779.

The advantages of outsourcing the financial and accounting services:

Saving funds for the payment of the financial and accounting services with at least 50%
Saving funds for logistic payments - software, supplies etc.
Assuring the continuity of the staff for accomplishing any type of job, whatever the complexity degree
Entire fiscal deduction of the costs billed by the accountants’ society
Adapting the fees to the clients’ budget
Raising the work standards for the accountants’ society, based on the financial and accounting services
Specialty consultancy

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