Who we are
ADMC AUDIT CONSULTING consists of a dynamic and responsible team which includes ten different areas business experts of our field - accounting, expertise and financial auditing. The team is coordinated by the General Manager, Adela Marica.

In our more than ten years experience in the accounting, expertise and financial auditing fields we learned and gained, beyond the requirement of offering a quality service, the ability of communicating with our clients in an efficient way, in order to understand everybody’s wishes and to maximize the market potential of his business.

The vision of ADMC AUDIT CONSULTING is centered on the client and on a perfect superposition of our services with his requirements. For achieving this purpose we use leverages, such as: responsibility, professionalism, dedication, accumulated experience in the field of accounting, expertise and financial auditing services.

Our mission is the ability of reporting ourselves to the feed-back of our client. This way, we anchor in everybody’s vision of business in order to reach the best results possible!

Adela Marica

Expert Accountant - Financial Auditor

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